Warrenton Kennel Club and the Community

As part of our mission, in addition to putting on dog shows showcasing our wonderful canines and holding community dog training classes, the Warrenton Kennel Club supports various community dog-related activities. Here are some:

pet-oxygen-masks pet-oxygen-masks-donation
In May 2014 WKC donated 20 life-saving Pet Oxygen mask kits to be distributed to all fire departments and EMS departments in Fauquier County.

In March 2015 WKC donated 5 pet oxygen mask kits to Madison County and Brandy Station fire departements.

Participation in the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in September.

Book: If I Ran the Dog ShowWarrenton Kennel Club donated copies of the book “If I Ran the Dog Show” to every¬†elementary school and library in Fauquier County.







The WKC donated the money to buy vests for the two Fauquier canine officers shown in these photos. These vests were custom made for each dog and provide needed protection in their work.



The Warrenton Kennel Club was featured in the February 2014 issue of Warrenton Liefestyle Magizine. The article touched on many of the activities, classes, and donations that the Warrenton Kennel Club has contributed to the Fauquier Community.