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Training Class Enrollment

  • There are no training classes on offer at this time. Call Susan Ramey at 540-341-3448 for more information or send an email to
  • NameBreedSex (neutered?)Age 
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  • Is this your first dog?Do you currently have other dogs?Have you ever trained another dog and, if so, where and when?Have you ever worked toward an AKC obedience title?Have you worked toward an AKC obedience title with this dog? 
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  • Do you want to show this dog in conformation, obedience, rally, agility? Are you presently showing the dog? Are there problems you especially want to address in this class, or that you hope will be corrected by training?
  • Please include any other information you feel may be of interest.
  • You must send copies of your dog's Rabies certificate and current shot records. You may pay online with Paypal or by check for $110 (per class) payable to Warrenton Kennel Club and mailed to Susan Ramey, 8711 Sylvan Lane, Marshall VA 20115 (540-341-3448, email