Annual Awards

The calendar year for awards is January 1 to December 31.  All WKC awards issued will be for American Kennel Club (AKC) titles only.  The dog must have achieved and received an AKC award certificate in the same year as applying for a WKC award.

Only WKC club members may apply for awards for dogs they own/co-own.  Members who apply must be a member for one (1) year in good standing in accordance with the WKC Constitution and By-laws; and have worked at least two (2) WKC club events in the same calendar year as applying for the award (attend meetings, work at training classes or fall shows).

The member must supply a copy of the AKC award certificate for each WKC award that he/she is applying for with the WKC Award Application to the WKC Awards Chairperson for review.  The Board will resolve any questions about award of a title and club participation, then supply information to the WKC Award Chairperson for processing.

The member is eligible to receive a WKC Medallion mounted on a plaque per dog (not per title) not to exceed $40.00 or request a cash donation not to exceed $40.00 per dog per member in honor of the dog to their choice of an AKC parent dog club, an AKC rescue organization, the AKC Canine Health Foundation; or any of the WKC charity programs.

Download the Awards form here

after which time applications cannot be accepted.